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Paul Moss has been performing on stage since the age of 4, has backed many different artists from Albert Lee to Wee Willie Harris and performed at just about every kind of venue you can think of, from stadiums to paddle steamers.

In 2007 Paul joined the band Billy Wears Dresses who signed to Formant Records at the end of the year and released their first two singles into the shops in 2008. Billy Wears Dresses signed to Inline Records and released thier first album "Space Hopper Summer" into record stores & in 2009. The follow up album "You Said It Would And It Did" is also available.

For 2011 Paul has teamed up with the incredible musical talents of Dean Whale and Sam Jacques to form "Masterclass" A three piece events band perfect for any occasion.

Paul plays as a professional bass guitarist all over the UK and Europe for corporate and wedding functions, theatre and other freelance work.

Feb 2010 - Paul played on the Lovedays album "House Of Cards" released this year and available from

March 2010 - Paul played bass and sung backing vocals on the Groovy Uncle 7" single "Monkey Trousers" on State Records and available through Rough Trade

November 2010 - Paul played & sung on the debut album by The Galileo 7 called "Are We Having Fun Yet" Released on Teen Sound Records.

March 2011 - Paul played bass and sung backing vocals on the Groovy Uncle album "Play Something We Know" on State Records.

September 2012 - Paul played bass on the follow up album by The Galileo 7, titled "Staring At The Sound"

November 2013 - Paul won two awards for Best Collaboration (With Ben Jones) and Best Reunion (With The Lovedays) along with nominations for Best Performance (The Lovedays) and Best Cover Band (Masterclass) at The Galaxy Entertainment Awards in London.

December 2014 - Masterclass release 1st album

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