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Paul Moss

Photo by Anna Oates

Bass Photo Album

Live in New York City with The Lovedays.



With The Lovedays live in Canterbury at the Lounge On The Farm Festival. This is as close to a local gig as I get.


Live in Holland with the Galileo 7.


My last live date with The Galileo 7 in Belgium. Photo by Eon Ballinger


Another homecoming gig in the Medway Towns.


The Lovedays play an impromptu set for the film "The Key To The Trap Door"

A month later I was at the Paul McCartney gig in Hyde Park and someone came up to me and said I saw you playing by Strawberry Fields in Liverpool a few weeks ago.

It's a small world.


A fantastic night at the 100 Club in London.

(from left) Me, Brian "Licorice" Locking, Buddy Britton, Clem Cattini and Doug Carroll.


Live in the grounds of Rochester Castle, I was captured by the fast snapping Anna Oates.


Live at The Cavern in Liverpool for the IPO Festival.


I cant remember the gig, only the rain. It must have been another European tour in Belgium!


A fantastic night at a club in Denmark St. London.


Live in Scotland.

(from left)  Dick Middleton, Clem Cattini, Wee Willie Harris, Myself & Doug Carroll.


Live in Wales, doing the Beatles thang.


Live in Italy, on what was a brilliant and unusually sunny and warm tour.


Live onstage in Paris, supporting the mighty Graham Day & The Gaolers.



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Paul Moss